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Over 30% of Canadian businesses are looking to deploy machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions in the next two years. Discover the Internet of Things for your business.


Discover the Possibilities of the Internet of Things with TELUS


The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling innovation and transforming Canadian business and society. This TELUS Sponsored InfoDoc examines the IoT solutions deployed by or being planned for by Canadian medium and large organizations. It highlights opportunities for industry-specific deployments and provides recommendations on using IoT to transform business.


 Key Findings


IoT solutions have been deployed by only 6% of medium/large Canadian businesses, and another 7% are poised to deploy in 2014

Rapid growth is expected: an additional 30% of firms intend to launch IoT initiatives in the next 24 months

The vast majority of current IoT projects are seen as tactical/strategic, with only 13% viewed as transformational (i.e. they fundamentally change business processes or become a launch pad for brand new business models)

Annual spending on solutions in Canada is predicted to grow from $5.6 billion in 2013 to $21 billion in 2018 – a 375% increase


Oil & Gas IoT Solutions


From lone worker safety solutions such TELUS Alert & Assist to remote monitoring of field equipment and remote surveillance solutions, TELUS provides advanced IoT solutions to one of Canada’s most important resource industries.


From lone worker safety solutions to remote monitoring of field equipment and remote surveillance solutions, TELUS provides advanced IoT solutions to Canada’s important resource sector. Solutions like TELUS Alert and Assist let your business gain peace of mind and help improve the safety of your workers in the field by reporting their status in emergency situations. Other product offerings such as GEOTrac by TELUS, a fleet management solution built specifically for the resource industry, prove that TELUS knows what it takes to successfully deploy an IoT solution for your resource business.




Canadian banks rely on TELUS services for everything from wireless connectivity for payment terminals and ATMs to wireless redundancy for their branches. With the emergence of Usage Based Insurance (UBI) and other non-traditional financial solutions, TELUS equips businesses with the resources and experience needed to reduce risk, improve customer retention and differentiate your financial products with IoT technology.




Wireless point-of-sale solutions and in-store digital displays connected by TELUS IoT solutions keep business moving for hundreds of Canadian retailers. With TELUS, you can experience all the benefits of being connected, from continuity of business in the face of a network outage, to the ability to curate content tailored to customers who are interacting with your business in real-time. Read more about currently deployed TELUS solutions in this testimonial.




TELUS IoT solutions connect emergency response vehicles with dispatchers and monitor patients both in hospitals and at home. Enabling your healthcare practice with TELUS IoT solutions gives you access to a variety of currently deployed solutions, as well as experience and expertise in the industry. The increase in efficiency and information transfer will mean a more robust end–to-end experience for both staff and patients.



GPS Tracking Services from TELUS


GPS-based fleet and asset management solutions monitor vehicles and the routes they drive, helping to avoid misuse and achieve new levels of fuel economy and driver safety. TELUS offers a robust portfolio of GPS-based solutions that give businesses the ability to streamline work processes and increase efficiency of workers, vehicles and equipment in the field. Discover the full range of IoT GPS Tracking Services.




Financial service companies, banks and government organizations rely on the security TELUS provides. Our experience with next generation security services means your team, data and business will be secure on Canada’s most reliable 4G network.


Public Safety


TELUS helps public sector organizations monitor the condition of infrastructure and connect emergency services. With coverage on Canada’s largest 4G network, you will always know the status of your team, data and assets.




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