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TELUS Fleet Tracker provides comprehensive GPS tracking and real-time fleet monitoring. By tracking vehicle location, speed and travel direction with GPS, businesses can reduce costs, increase productivity and improve customer service.


TELUS Fleet Tracker is an ideal GPS tracking system for businesses that want to:


track the real-time location of their vehicles with GPS

increase productivity through GPS route analysis

use GPS to quickly identify and dispatch vehicles close to emergency jobs

improve customer service with faster response times, or GPS-driven customer notifications

more efficiently manage vehicle maintenance using GPS tracking



TELUS Fleet Tracker includes in-vehicle GPS devices and online access to the Fleet Complete dispatch portal. Fleet Tracker monitors vehicles on the road in real-time and reports on driver activity.


With Fleet Tracker, you can:


Track fleet activity


-Reduce fuel costs by tracking speeding, long idling times and inefficient routing

-Use a dispatch portal to track vehicle mileage, diagnostics and maintenance logs

-Track and report authorized vs. unauthorized mileage

-Track and manage arrival/departure times at customer locations


Improve customer service


-Provide automated notifications of accurate arrival times

-Use tracking to identify the nearest worker to a call


Improve in-field communications with in-vehicle Mobile Internet


-Receive and confirm work orders or job estimates on site

-Review and edit documents; collaborate in real-time at high bandwidth speeds

Plan Descriptions

TELUS Fleet Tracker offers several entry points for GPS tracking. To schedule a demonstration of TELUS Fleet Tracker, contact your TELUS authorized dealer or sales representative.


Fleet Tracker 40 – $40 per month per user


Includes a self-install plug and play GPS tracking device, powered via the vehicles OBDII port.


Fleet Tracker 45 – From $45 per month per user


Includes a professional install of the GPS device to maximize performance, and the ability to add install custom sensor feeds to track activities like rear door openings, PTO use, engine run time, etc.


Hours of Service Add-On – $7 per month per user


Automates driver logging using off-the-shelf Android hardware; reduces paperwork and ensures compliance with provincial driver time regulations. Can be added to any TELUS Fleet Tracker plan.

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